Our Investments


3sootjobs aims to become Iran’s leading job-search platform. It is revolutionising the job-search market by creating and introducing a smart, fast and easy-to-use platform (app and website) that will allow job seekers and employers to instantly search and connect, all through a swipe. 3sootjobs makes the time-consuming job-search process cheaper, faster, and smarter, all whilst introducing a seamless user experience. Since launch, 3sootjobs has demonstrated impressive growth and success, where it has attracted thousands of users, scored 96% 5* ratings on Cafe Bazaar (as of mid Oct 2017), and successfully closed a seed funding round. Indigo acquired 1.53% of 3sootjobs in this seed round.

An exciting new algorithm-driven job search platform


An inter-city car ride-sharing app in Iran, which connects drivers and passengers embarking on the same car journeys. Carvanro operates a similar model to the international car ride-sharing service BlaBlaCar, which has 35 million members and a reported valuation of approx. $1.5bn. Carvanro has enormous potential in deploying a proven global business model in the Iranian market given the pre-existing strong culture of 'car- pooling’, Iran’s growing young population demographic, frequent inter-city journeys, insufficient transport infrastructure, and demands to cut high pollution levels. Indigo acquired a 5% stake in Carvanro and closed its investment on 20 February 2017.

Iran’s first ride sharing platform connecting passengers with verified drivers


A leading online classifieds marketplace in Iran. Founded in 2012, and similar to companies such as Gumtree and Craigslist outside of Iran, Sheypoor created a convenient one-stop destination for all Iranians to buy, sell and search for goods and services quickly, easily, and free of charge. Sheypoor has grown rapidly to become one of Iran’s leading websites and mobile applications. Indigo acquired a 1.09% stake in Net Tejarat Ahoura company which owns 100% of the issued share capital of Sheypoor.

A leading online classifieds marketplace in Iran

Iranian Fast Moving Consumer Goods Ltd (“FMCG”)

The online business arm of the Yaran Daryan convenience stores (the largest association of corner stores in Iran), where FMCG is aiming to become Iran's first and leading online grocery delivery company. Founded in 2016, FMCG is leveraging off Yaran Daryan’s well-known brand and 170 convenience stores throughout Tehran to allow customers to place orders online. FMCG's business model differs to the traditional warehousing model of companies such as Ocado, where online orders will be automatically routed to the nearest Yaran Daryan store, which will then be collected by the company's fleet of drivers and delivered to the customer's address. Indigo acquired a 15% stake in FMCG.

The online delivery arm of the Yaran Daryan convenience stores